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Bio-Sculpture Gel Nails

Unlike other nail finishes, Bio-sculpture Gel is a coating to your own nails to strengthen and condition them with no damage. Thin, strong, flexible, instant drying, no fumes, no odours, no dust, will not chip or smudge, perfect for both fingers and toenails. Available in clear, french manicure, and a selection of colours.


Full Set Gel Overlays - From £30.00

With Extensions - £40.00


Gel Infills - £20.00


French Manicure - From £30.00


Gel Removal - £10.00

(Free when having a new set)


Paraffin Wax Treatment (+£5.00)

Paraffin wax is so beneficial to skin on hands and feet as it opens pores and increases circulation, leaving the skin silky soft and more radiant.